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Ecommerce is when products are sold on the Internet. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid to sell products for an affiliate merchant. When you combine the two you have one of the best Internet home business opportunities available to the average person.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to purchase things online very quickly. The consumer can also become the seller very quickly when they .
start their own affiliate marketing business
One example would be utilizing Google to sell affiliate products in various ways. However you can also start a website and put Google ads on it and get paid when people click on them. In this instance you’re not actually selling a product, but as an affiliate marketer you are getting paid by Google for advertising on your site.

If you do choose to sell products you can set up a website or you can use the affiliate merchant website. Because the Internet never sleeps you are in business 24 hours a day.

This means you don’t have to quit your current job to be doing ecommerce online around-the-clock. For this reason this makes this opportunity one of the best Internet home businesses to get involved in.

As an affiliate marketer you do get paid to sell other people’s products. That means that the products are already developed for you. You get paid to perform as a sales rep for that company.

Because there are millions of affiliate programs to join you never run out of products to sell. As we stated you can also make money as an affiliate marketer by the click, and even by the lead in cost per action programs.

However the largest amount of money you will make is when you are selling a physical or digital product. Some affiliate programs pay with instant commissions.

Others such as ClickBank will pay you to sell digital information and receive your checks on a weekly basis. Each affiliate merchant has their own compensation plan and scheduled payments to their affiliates. You’ll want to look into that before joining their program.

In ecommerce you need a  shopping cart where people can order and pay you. With affiliate marketing again that is taken care of for you.

The website is coded with your ID number so you get credit for any sale you make. The merchants also ship the products if that’s required so you do not need to worry about that.

These are all reasons why ecommerce and affiliate marketing are the best combination for Internet home business opportunities online today.

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