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Internet Home Based Business – The Requirements

There are literally thousands of affiliate marketing programs where you can start an online home based business. But haphazardly being a member of an affiliate program isn’t enough. Bear in mind, you should be able to generate targeted leads. This is the only way to get the return on your efforts.

In any typical affiliate program you get promotional materials after joining their online home based business. Very often these are newsletters, website, graphical advertisements and materials for email marketing.

Most Internet home business opportunities pay the affiliates monthly through their management program. Some pure MLM businesses transfer the commission to your account as a sale occurs. But make sure of the transaction process like direct deposit or PayPal options.
Planning is the most important factor in succeeding any home based business. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

May be you are excited to bring change in your life – you are looking for financial freedom and time freedom. You have gone crazy. Still take patience to consult a home business mentor who have already succeeded and made tons of money in home based businesses. Get a blueprint of the business plan from the affiliate program.
How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams for your Home Business
If you are starting something online, it might seem a great adventure of exploring new ways to make money. I would suggest you to start small and grow steadily.

Diversification in online home based business is a good thing to consider. Never put all eggs in one basket. Play it safe. Affiliate yourself to couple of affiliate programs. It will help you promote all of them simultaneously and make your business more credible. And if there is slump in one business you can get profit from others. That’s called multiple streams of income.

Real money comes from real marketing. Online business is easy where you can start everything from the comforts of your home. But you should take care of the following seven points in order to succeed in any online marketing home business.

- Sell your own product and earn the largest profit margin. You can make it prime concern.
- Sell related products/services that complement your business.
- Recommend the products/services of business. Start selling the system. This will give you maximum commission per sale.
- You can also sell space if your online business becomes popular.
- Share your web resources with similar peoples in other businesses. Because it is the best thing to enhance your web presence.
- Build your own affiliate program.

Charles T Chege is a Certified Public Accountant and an Affiliate Internet Marketer. He is the owner of the Internet Home
Business Opportunities
website that provides you with legitimate home business ideas, opportunities and resources. To find out how to set upyour own money making website in less than a week, download your FREE Report by clicking here:
How to setup your own website

Affiliate Revenue Opportunity-Sell Something

One way to make money is to develop revenue as an affiliate marketer. One of the best affiliate revenue opportunities is to actually sell something. Here are two ways you can do that.

1. Sell physical products. Billions of dollars of products are sold online every year.

As an affiliate marketer you can get your share of the action. One of the top affiliate programs to join for physical products is

This affiliate program has been around for over 15 years. It started out primarily as an affiliate program to sell books. Now you can sell virtually anything a person wants to buy and you can make commissions doing it.

2. Sell digital information products. Bookstores are beginning to go out of business because more people are purchasing digital information. Amazon reports now that they sell more digital products than they do hard copy books.

ClickBank is one of the largest digital information affiliate programs in the world. They have thousands of ebooks and other type of digital information you can sell and make money on.

The commissions on digital products are extremely high because there are no manufacturing costs for the product. When the consumer purchases a product they can instantly downloaded which helps explain why so many products are being sold.

You can make money with Clickbank as an affiliate for free. You can also develop products and sell them as a publisher and let the Clickbank affiliates sell your products for you.

When you consider an affiliate revenue opportunity selling things online is a fantastic way to do it.

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If you are going to attempt to make money on the Internet you might as well be smart in how you go about doing it. To me affiliate marketing on the Internet is the intelligent way to earn money.

Let me offer a few thoughts on that in this article!

1. It is free to join. This gives you a good chance to try out things and see if they work for you without investing any of your money. You will need to spend some time to make money with affiliate marketing, but hopefully you have free time available anyway.
2. You get great products. The best way to make money as an affiliate marketer is to sell products to you personally have tried. As you begin to buy things on the Internet you may come across a product you really like and can become an affiliate for it.
3. Marketing tools are provided. The affiliate merchant gives you a website, and marketing materials to promote with. Placing banner ads on other people’s websites is one way to get traffic to yours.
4. 3 main ways to make money. You can sell products on the Internet, get leads for advertisers, or just get paid by the click with an affiliate program such as Google Adsense.
As you become better at promoting affiliate offers you will end up making money in all three ways. It is very smart to customize your marketing to the type of offer that you are promoting.
5. Multiple streams of niche income. Most successful affiliate marketers branch into multiple niches. This is a good way to target your products to a specific market.
It is also a very good way to develop income streams around various themes. When you do this you cover your bases in case one specific opportunity stops working for you.
These are several ideas on why I feel affiliate marketing on the Internet is the intelligent way to go about making money. Because there are so many different ways to create an income online you need to focus on something, and affiliate marketing is a very good way to get started.

A Website for Affiliate Marketing

For those of you involved in affiliate marketing, you know how important a website can be in promoting your offer.  We’ll discuss how a website for affiliate marketing can be developed and used.

Affiliate marketing entails promoting a produce or service and then getting paid a commission based on a portion of the sale which results from your efforts.  Many products and services are sold through affiliate marketing programs.

For example, one of the largest online retailers Amazon has a great affiliate marketing program.  You can place links to some of their products on your website.  If someone clicks on that link and orders the product, you will get paid a commission based on that sale.
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One of the great things about affiliate marketing is how easy it is to get started. However when it comes to using your affiliate marketing website there are two primary questions you should be asking yourself.

1. Do I use my replicated affiliate website?

2. What is the easiest way to build my own affiliate marketing website?

There are pluses and minuses to using the website that comes from the affiliate merchant. Certainly the fact that it’s already built and ready to start promoting right away is a big benefit.

The merchant will give you marketing materials to help you promote your affiliate website with. This allows you to begin making sales almost immediately.

The downside to using this website is what is known as a replicated website. This means it is the same website that all of the other affiliates are using.
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Top 12 Reasons For Joining SFI

1. Work at Home Online. Learn What Real Freedom Is
Be your own boss in your own home business. Work when you want. Where you want. Flexible hours. No dress code.

2. Earn Income In Over 200 Countries Worldwide
Yes, for the first time in history, even the smallest business can market worldwide. The SFI system makes it super easy to build an international business.

3. Automatic Marketing System
We\’ll teach you how to get hundreds of people to visit your SFI Website using numerous free and low-cost Internet marketing strategies and techniques. Once at your SFI Website, our exclusive automated marketing system can do 99% of the business presentation and follow-up for you…24 hours a day, 365 days a year…AT NO COST TO YOU!

4. FREE 24-Hour Professional Consultation
Each SFI affiliate is assigned up to three leaders to provide free consultation and support.

5. A Family Business with Tax and Inheritance Benefits
Your family can work with you …allowing you tax deductions on help from your children. Plus, deductions for travel, publications, seminars, gas, phone, electricity bills, etc.. Save money. Plus, you can pass on your business to future generations.

6. Piggyback on our PROVEN Success
Since 1985, we\’ve invested millions of dollars creating, testing, and refining our powerful marketing system. How successful is the SFI system? SFI is currently growing at a rate of over 100,000 new affiliates per month (over 3,000 per day). Why? SFI works!…as tens of thousands of our affiliates who are receiving monthly commission checks will enthusiastically attest!

7. Tap the Exploding Global Market of the Internet.
The Internet is global. Worldwide. Exploding! USA TODAY recently reported that over 170,000 new people are getting online every 24 hours. Many smart business people are becoming millionaires on the Internet. And this is just the beginning! With SFI you can grab your share.

8. Build a Global Network of Success-Oriented Business Partners Worldwide
Develop valuable contacts around the world! As a partner on our global marketing team, you will associate with entrepreneurs, architects, doctors, engineers, investors, business people, teachers, secretaries, computer enthusiasts, managers, business owners, mothers, students, construction workers, housewives and people of all walks of life — globally!

9. FREE Training
As our global business partner, we\’ll show you how to plug into our dynamic online system to build a highly lucrative business on the Internet. Our exclusive newsletter and Website training provides you with all the latest tips, ideas, and insider how-to information to create multiple income streams:

  • How to parlay as few as 3-5 hours a week into a full-time income without interfering with your current job, profession, or career (it\’s great for super busy people).
  • How to use Internet technology to be “in 50 places at one time” and make your income explode
  • How to use “self-funding” marketing techniques to get all your advertising FREE.
  • How to avoid the minefields, dead ends, and bottlenecks that 95% of Internet entrepreneurs encounter soon after starting their business.
  • How to set up “win-win” strategic alliances so that your success is virtually guaranteed through associations with thousands of other online marketers.

10. The Lowest Cost Way to Earn Income Online.
Thanks to the Internet, your business expenses are minimal. You can contact millions on the Internet via email, search engines, directories, free ads, etc. All free! No door to door sales. No postage. No printing. No brochures. No tapes. No videos. No long distance calls. Instant communication — worldwide. Save loads of money.

11. Turn Your Dreams into Reality.
Anyone, regardless of country, financial situation, education, experience, or background has an equal opportunity to reap the rewards of success this opportunity offers. You could have your home in a country with a low standard of living and be able to earn more money than a person in the richest country in the world. This is because your income can come from the productivity of people in dozens of countries.

12. A Global Income is a Secure Income.
As the world becomes more global, the economy of one nation can affect the financial situation of all other countries. By having your income come from many countries — no matter where you live, you will have a more steady and secure income.

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Charles Chege © My Affiliate Power Biz

If you believe everything you read you probably think affiliate marketing is the easiest way in the world to make money. In reality it is a great way to make money, but it is not necessarily the easiest.

Here are four things you should know about affiliate marketing if you expect to succeed.

1. It is competitive. Because affiliate programs are free to join thousands of people do so every day.

This means that you are going to be in competition for customers. You can increase your odds of succeeding if you get into niche affiliate marketing and target the right type of niches.

2. Get your own website.  Using the same website that every affiliate uses is not the best way to make more sales. Building your own websites, that you have control over, allows you to write review web pages which is a better way to warm your prospect up.

3. Build your list. Email marketing is a good way to follow up with potential customers. This way when they are actually in the buying mood you have a chance of making a sale.

4. Sell physical products. People are purchasing real products on the Internet today.

So much emphasis has been put on selling digital information in the past that often times selling physical products is forgotten about. Join for a wide range of products to sell.

In summary these are four things you should know about affiliate marketing. Because it is competitive you will have to work hard. By giving yourself some advantages over other affiliate marketers you increase the chances of succeeding.

Charles Chege © My Affiliate Power Biz

Do you have a website that you are earning affiliate marketing revenue from? Hopefully you are not just using the replicated site from the affiliate merchant. To increase your affiliate marketing revenue streams you should be adding all of these items to every web page you build.

1. Pay per click ads. Google Adsense is the King of PPC affiliate programs. However there are plenty of other opportunities if you want to look at companies such as 7Search and Bidvertiser.

These are easy to place in strategic locations on every web page. You do not need to sell anything to make money because when someone clicks on one of the ads you earn a commission from the affiliate merchant.

2. Ad cost per action programs to your web pages. These can be simple little forms that require nothing more than an email address and name. You make money on the more of these forms you get filled out.

Again you are not selling anything so this is easy money to make. Joining an affiliate network is a way to get access to multiple companies in one location.

3. Sell physical products.  People are spending billions of dollars online purchasing everything from bottled water to clothes. Chances are you can find a physical product that you can add to virtually any page on your site.

4. Sell digital information products. You can find these a affiliate networks such as ClickBank.

PaySpree is a network that has instant commissioned digital products you can sell. These are great because people will pay for information that answers the questions.

5. Sell residual income products. It is nice to get paid in the future for work that you are doing right now. With these type of products you make the sale and then continue to earn your commissions over and over.
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Charles Chege © My Affiliate Power Biz

Ecommerce is when products are sold on the Internet. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid to sell products for an affiliate merchant. When you combine the two you have one of the best Internet home business opportunities available to the average person.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to purchase things online very quickly. The consumer can also become the seller very quickly when they .
start their own affiliate marketing business
One example would be utilizing Google to sell affiliate products in various ways. However you can also start a website and put Google ads on it and get paid when people click on them. In this instance you’re not actually selling a product, but as an affiliate marketer you are getting paid by Google for advertising on your site.

If you do choose to sell products you can set up a website or you can use the affiliate merchant website. Because the Internet never sleeps you are in business 24 hours a day.

This means you don’t have to quit your current job to be doing ecommerce online around-the-clock. For this reason this makes this opportunity one of the best Internet home businesses to get involved in. Read the rest of this entry

I joined My Affiliate Power Site immediately after its launch on February 10th,2010,and so far I have been greatly impressed by the program. This program is for people who are looking for a legitimate way to earn multiple streams of residual income online and for people who want to build a long term business with their very own website. If you are thinking of signing up for My Affiliate Power site you may have a few questions. Here is an up to date review of MAPS in FAQ form to help you decide.

What Exactly is My Affiliate Power site?

My Affiliate Power Site is a creation by 5 successful Internet Marketers led by Ken Troyer with combined total of over 30 years of internet affiliate marketing experience between them. My Affiliate Power Site is a virtual business-in-a-box… giving you everything you need to start making money online TODAY! It is a fully functioning website promoting 6 different affiliate programs/business opportunities. It also includes a free report and an attractive opt-in form that offers the free report to your visitors in exchange for their email address. It also gives you 6 weeks worth of follow up messages for your autoresponder series.

Which affiliate programs are supported by My Affiliate Power Site?

Included in My Affiliate Power Site are Top notch 6 affiliate programs, namely:-
My World Plus, Hostgator, Cash Crate, Getresponse, Clickbank and Affiliate power Group.

How much does it cost to join My Affiliate Power Site System?

It doesn’t cost anything to join the system. However in order to use the system, one must sign up for the recommended affiliate programs. The installation of own website which costs $97 is optional.

How much can I earn with My Affiliate Power Site And how do I get paid?

This varies from person to person and depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. If you do nothing to promote your site it will not be likely to make money. Personally I have started seeing positive results in some of the programs supported by the system.You earn a commission by referring people (through your affiliate link) to one of the affiliate programs. If someone then joins one of the programs, you will earn a commission. The mode of payment depends on the affiliate program and their method of payment. For some, you can get paid through PayPal, for others, you get paid with a check in the mail. You are paid by the affiliate program(s) owners or their companies.

Is there any training provided for the program?

Yes – the system provides full instructions and training lessons inside and  does not assume any prior knowledge of internet marketing.

Can I modify My Affiliate Power Site after purchase?

Yes. You’ll get a powerful WordPress website that YOU can customize, change, or add content in any way you wish… in fact, your website comes with a “point and click” dashboard where you can control almost everything.  It’s 100% yours to change as you wish. Remove any links or banners you don’t like, add new ones, create extra pages, change the color or get a complete redesign.

Am I tied in to My Affiliate Power Site for any length of time? What if I want to cancel?

There is no contract. If you decide that it’s not for you, you can cancel immediately and at any time.There is no tie in period.

Is this program for every one? Is it a world wide Opportunity?

Yes, this is a worldwide opportunity system, BUT individual component programs may have some restrictions on their offers depending on where in the world you are domiciled. These include Cash Crate and Clickbank programs.

Is My Affiliate Power Site a pyramid scheme?

No. A pyramid scheme typically is a program which has no products. People pay to join, but receive nothing in return and only the people at the top of the “Pyramid” benefit. All the affiliate programs within My Affiliate Power site are carefully screened and tried out before they are added and they all have products. My World Plus launched in early 2007…and has since been taking the internet by storm. They have a dicount card that everyone NEEDS AND USES…and a pay plan that is better than anything you have ever seen. Hostgator is the recommended web hosting for hosting your website. You can get fully functional hosting with cpanel and the ability to host unlimited domain names for less than $10 a month.
Cash Crate pays you for completing offers and short surveys. It is 100% free to join and you can also earn commissions and bonuses for referring other people.  GetResponse is the recommended Autoresponder. You can open a limited GetResponse account for your free auto-responder by clicking the link then clicking on the pricing link, then on the Sign Up Free button.  ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet for more than 12,000 digital product vendors and 100,000 active affiliate marketers. It serves more than 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.  Lastly the Affiliate Power Group (APG) is an online coaching program founded by creators of My Affiliate Power Site. Inside you will find a step by step action plan for creating a full time income online + a private members forum with exclusive access to 5 Internet Marketing coaches who all run successful businesses online. You can join the affiliate program for free without being a member.
NOTE: You do not have to join all of these  programs but keep in mind, if you don’t, your commissions will automatically be passed on to your sponsor. So if you truly want to maximize your income, then I’d recommend you join each program.

Do I need to spend money on Advertising?

No. There are lots of effective free methods that you can use to promote your website e.g. article marketing, directory submission, forum marketing and more.

Are there any negative things about My Affiliate Power Site?

The only negative point relates to some restrictions placed by some of the affiliate programs. For example in the case of My Discount Plus,in my opinion there are not as many great discounts for people like me living outside the USA! While in the case of Cash Crate, there are virtually no offers and surveys to complete for people living in my part of the world! In these two programs I can only get my earnings by promoting the business concept.

I am already involved in some other business opportunities. Can I add these to my website?

Yes – As mentioned above you can add any opportunities you wish to your website. Examples include Google Adsense, PayDotCom, ClickSell, Commission Junction and more.

What are the main benefits of My Affiliate Power Site?

The main benefits of joining My Affiliate Power Site include:–
–A WordPress website with a user friendly control panel.
–Professional attractive themes in choices of 3 different themes to choose from.
–Easy to customize websites without any technical knowledge.
–Free Private Label Articles targeting people searching for a way to make money online.
–6 Streams of income which are proven money makers
–6 weeks auto-responder series of 15 email messages completely personalized with YOUR name, and automatically “connected” with your website.
–A marketing System. This is a fully functional sales system
–Pre-Written Training From the system. This is a step by step training on how to make money with your website. This saves you both money and lots of your time.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the program, just visit

I hope you found this review of My Affiliate Power Site helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

Charles Chege

Charles Chege is a Webmaster and owner of, which promotes top-notch affiliate programs in niche markets to aspiring home business owners. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise about network marketing business and effective marketing strategies. Subscribe to his Affiliate Marketing Network Newsletter for FREE today and obtain proven home business tips and tricks at:

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