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Internet Home Based Business – The Requirements

There are literally thousands of affiliate marketing programs where you can start an online home based business. But haphazardly being a member of an affiliate program isn’t enough. Bear in mind, you should be able to generate targeted leads. This is the only way to get the return on your efforts.

In any typical affiliate program you get promotional materials after joining their online home based business. Very often these are newsletters, website, graphical advertisements and materials for email marketing.

Most Internet home business opportunities pay the affiliates monthly through their management program. Some pure MLM businesses transfer the commission to your account as a sale occurs. But make sure of the transaction process like direct deposit or PayPal options.
Planning is the most important factor in succeeding any home based business. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

May be you are excited to bring change in your life – you are looking for financial freedom and time freedom. You have gone crazy. Still take patience to consult a home business mentor who have already succeeded and made tons of money in home based businesses. Get a blueprint of the business plan from the affiliate program.
How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams for your Home Business
If you are starting something online, it might seem a great adventure of exploring new ways to make money. I would suggest you to start small and grow steadily.

Diversification in online home based business is a good thing to consider. Never put all eggs in one basket. Play it safe. Affiliate yourself to couple of affiliate programs. It will help you promote all of them simultaneously and make your business more credible. And if there is slump in one business you can get profit from others. That’s called multiple streams of income.

Real money comes from real marketing. Online business is easy where you can start everything from the comforts of your home. But you should take care of the following seven points in order to succeed in any online marketing home business.

- Sell your own product and earn the largest profit margin. You can make it prime concern.
- Sell related products/services that complement your business.
- Recommend the products/services of business. Start selling the system. This will give you maximum commission per sale.
- You can also sell space if your online business becomes popular.
- Share your web resources with similar peoples in other businesses. Because it is the best thing to enhance your web presence.
- Build your own affiliate program.

Charles T Chege is a Certified Public Accountant and an Affiliate Internet Marketer. He is the owner of the Internet Home
Business Opportunities
website that provides you with legitimate home business ideas, opportunities and resources. To find out how to set upyour own money making website in less than a week, download your FREE Report by clicking here:
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Affiliate Power Group Review

This Affiliate Power Group Review is my assessment of the opportunity that membership provides based on my experiences as a member and an affiliate. If you are considering joining the Affiliate Power group( APG for short) you probably want to find out more about it before signing up. The following is an up to date review of the APG in FAQ format to help you make an informed decision.

What Exactly Is The Affiliate Power Group And What Does It Offer?

The Affiliate Power Group is an online coaching, marketing and training group designed especially for newbies and intermediate internet marketers who want to make an income from affiliate marketing. The APG consists of 4 extremely talented and dedicated mentors/coaches who are successful internet marketers, who have taken it upon themselves to show newcomers how to make money online, in the shortest time possible using cutting edge internet marketing methods. Membership to the APG entitles one to the following:-

– Access to 4 internet marketing coaches in a private member forum
– A learning center full of internet marketing videos and guides
– Help to build a website
– A download area containing hundreds of PLR articles and MRR/PLR e-books on home business niche topics
– A free wordpress installation
– Step by step income plans including a 12 week Traffic Action Plan
– New PLR articles and e-books added every month

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Affiliate Power Group?

The basic price is $1 for a 10 day trial period and then 39.95 per month thereafter. You can also save money by opting for a quarterly price of $109.95 or a yearly price of $297. The yearly price would save you 38%.

What Is Covered In The APG Training And Other Support Systems?

This Power Affiliate Group Review reveals many topics that are covered both in the step by step action plans and in the video training series. These include:-

– Research and planning
– Website creation
– WordPress Training
– Keyword research
– Search engine optimization
– list building
– Article marketing
– Backlink building
– Social marketing
– Outsourcing
– Marketing tools, and many other topics.

One of the greatest support system is the private members forum. The APG forum is like an extended family. Besides the personalized one on one coaching by the mentors. the members interaction with the coaches and among themselves makes it look like a big family affair.

Does The APG Provide An Affiliate Program And How Much Can One Earn As An Affiliate?

YES, the Affiliate Power Group provides an affiliate program which pays 50% recurring commission on all sales. Visitors can sign up for a 10 day trial for $1 and have the choice of being billed monthly, quarterly or yearly. This means that you will be paid 50c for a trial signup, followed by $19.95 per month, $54.98 per quarter or $148.50 per year.

Are there any negatives about the APG?

The membership cost may be considered too high and a negative by newbies who are yet to gain a foothold in the internet marketing arena and establish an income stream. Paying from ones pocket may be a bit strenuous in the beginning.

What Are The Positive Things And Benefits Of The Affiliate Power Group?

There are many positive things that one can enumerate about the APG including:-

– Step by step video instructions on most subjects on affiliate marketing
– The 24-hour coaching forum which is second to none
– The 12-week Traffic Plan that works
– A handful of webmaster tools
– Monthly PLR and MRR articles and e-books on various niche topics
– Periodical contests to assist members buid backlinks and generally improve their marketing skills
– And much more.

My Recommendation

I joined the Affiliate Power Group as a newbie at its inception. In just under two years, I have seen tremendous growth in APG which has in turn facilitated and put me on the right path to internet marketing success. If you you are serious about making money online and interested in finding quality coaching, helping you step by step to reach your goals, then look no further. The APG has it. You have nothing to lose by giving The Affiliate Power Group $1 Trial a go. You can cancel at any time during the 10 day trial period if you do not like what the membership offers.

I hope you have found this Affiliate Power Group Review useful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer. You can also subscribe to my FREE Internet Home Business Opportunities Newsletter at the top right hand corner of this page and obtain more proven home business tips and resources.


Small home based business opportunity

Every business requires certain tools of trade in order to run effectively.Your Small home based business opportunity is no exception. When you have an internet business, the one thing that is very important is internet marketing. These tools of trade are not just necessary to get the job done but also to help you succeed with your internet marketing efforts. In this article we look at the 5 essential online tools that you must have in order to succeed in online marketing.

1. A Website With Your Domain Name.

Any serious network internet marketer must have his own website and domain name.The advantages of these are:-

– You enjoy more control over the presentation of marketing materials and product offerings.
– You have the ability to interact and respond to your visitors.
– You have personal control over the flow of website traffic.
Your own website provides you with the best way to provide your customers with good and relevant information,products they can buy and freebies that you give away.Improvements in the marketing process always leads to bigger and better profits.For the owner of a small home based business owner,the owner of a website all comes down to freedom and control. Your website is the engine that will power all of your internet marketing strategies.

2. An Autoresponder.

This is the second most important tool to have in your internet marketing arsenal. An autoresponder is just a software program, hosted either on your website or on the autoresponder’s service provider’s website. It enables you to capture the contact information of your website visitors so you can keep in touch with them and keep them interested in your products and business. The autoresponder is a really powerful tool that allows you to accomplish one of the most important tasks face by any internet marketer: following up with your prospects. This is one tool that saves you so much money and time.

3. An Online Newsletter.

This is a very important tool which goes hand in hand with your autoresponder because you have to offer your customers something of value in exchange for their contact information. By giving the free e-books, free reports, software and other good quality information, you stand a much better chance of  getting them to part with their information. In addition with the newsletter , you are able to keep in touch with them periodically which helps in building trust with them. This contributes to the growth and success of your small home based business opportunity.

4. Link-Tracking Software.

Link-tracking means keeping tabs on the URLs that you have placed in advertisements, pay-per-click campaigns, emails and articles. Every link to any one of your web pages can and should be tracked because you need to know where the traffic is coming from. You also need to know which ones are dead. This is imperative to getting as much traffic as you can to your small home based business opportunity.

5. Link-Cloaking Software.

Although link-cloaking  is not always a necessity, it is good practice to follow. It involves the manipulation of a URL from its original form into a different URL while still permitting both to lead to the same destination. Link-shortening is a form of link-cloaking that negates the need for subscribers to copy and paste long-tailed URLs. Using Shortened URLs links assists you from loosing commissions just because your affiliate URL is not convenient for your subscribers.

In summary, these are the 5 most important online tools of trade that you need in order to find success with you small home based business opportunity. The five are the interface behind the majority of communication that will take place between you and your customers. They are the technical components of your sales funnel.

There are various resources online that can assist in planning and developing your home business. My favourite and which I recommend is the Affiliate Power Group. Visit their website today and check on the wide selection of resources and marketing solutions. You may also check out from my blog post  the attributes of  a successful affiliate internet marketing business .



My World Plus took the Internet marketing world by storm in mid-2009 when the program was launched. I soon joined the program in August 2009 and has remained an affiliate member ever since. Below I provide you with a question and answer of MY World Plus Review to help you make an informed decision if you are considering joining the program.

What Exactly Is My World Plus And What Does It Offer?

My World Plus  is both a business opportunity and a discount membership program, that saves people hundreds of dollars per month on everything from eating out to groceries,shopping,sporting events,movies, golf green fees and more. It is being promoted as the most powerful discount savings and rewards program in the world.
The business opportunity pays instant commissions whenever someone joins My World Plus through your prided link. You also receive a share of the profits based on all the members that joined up after you.

How Much Does It Cost To Join My World Plus?

The cost to join My World Plus is $69.95 for your first month and then $19.95 per month there after. This membership entitles you to all the discounts and the ability to earn commissions on your downline and company sales. The membership does not tie you for any length of time and you can cancel your membership at any time. Other than your marketing costs, I have not encountered any other hidden costs for the period I have been a member.

How Much Can One Earn With My World Plus And How Does One Get Paid?

As a business opportunity, you earn money with My World Plus program in two main ways:-
–You earn a retail bonus of $25 on every one you personally enroll. This is paid on a weekly basis and therefore helps you generate cashflow. My World Plus also pays retail bonuses on on 4 different levels. These bonuses are $8, $5 or $3 depending on the level.
–You earn a monthly residual income based on all members that joined after you. My World Plus offers a unique concept known as Vertical acceleration that helps you get hundreds of paid members below you quickly.

International members (outside USA/Canada) are paid through Global Exchange, while USA and Canadian members are paid via direct bank credit or by check.

Are There Limitations On Membership–Is It A Global Opportunity?

My World Plus business Opportunity is a world-wide opportunity that one can promote and get paid through Global Exchange. However the the discount card usage is very limited for Non-US members. For example I live in Kenya, and the usage of the card is virtually non-existent. If you are joining My World Plus purely for the discounts, my advice would be to register for free first and check out what discounts are available in your area before deciding to become a paid member.

How Is My World Plus Support System Including Any Training Offered?

From the members centre, My World Plus provides you access to a Training Call library. This is the most valuable resource for learning how the system works and how to maximize your results with it.The program also provides you with different lead capture pages where visitors to your link enter their name,email address and phone numbers. They also receive follow up emails automatically which will encourage them to sign up for the program under you.

Are There Any Negatives About My World Plus?

As mentioned above, the lack of discounts for people living outside USA can be a deterrent for one joining for the discounts advantage alone. I have also found out that business leads purchased from My World Plus leads sources have a very low conversion rate.

What Are the Main Positive Things And Benefits Of My World Plus Program?

–A dynamic and generous pay plan
–A wide range of shopping discounts particularly for US citizens
–The fast $25 start cash bonus and weekly payments
–Easy to use back office for members
–Follow up messages with Pre-enrollees
–Weekly training calls and archived training
–A dynamic statistics records system for marketing efforts
–Tell a friend link lets you quickly share with friends
–Professional landing and splash pages
–Convenient international payments through Global Exchange Card.

How Do I Join My World Plus?

To sign up for My World Plus, simply Take A Tour From Here

I hope you found this My World Plus Review helpful. If you have any comments, please share them below. You can also subscribe to my free Internet Home Business Opportunities Newsletter at the top hand right corner of this page and obtain more proven home business tips.


SFI Review

SFI Review is an assessment based on my experiences since I became an active affiliate member over 3 years ago. As a home based business opportunity,SFI is a wonderful opportunity for beginners wishing to explore what affiliate marketing programs are about. If you are thinking of signing up for the program, you may have a few questions. Here is an up to date review of SFI presented in FAQ format to help you make an informed decision.

What Exactly Is SFI?

The Strong Future International Marketing Group, commonly referred to as SFI is a division of Carsons Services Inc. which has its headquarters  in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States. Started in 1998 with just one product sold only in the United States, SFI now features in excess of 44,000 goods and services spread in over 200 countries around the world.
One of SFI’s major divisions is the Triple Clicks,which is a global online superstore and among the quickest developing e-commerce website on the internet today. It showcases  thousands of items, services,collectors jewels and merchandise offered nowhere else on the internet. Hundreds of such items are added daily.

How Much Does It Cost To Join SFI?

Joining SFI is absolutely free. Any one of legal age from any country can sign up, receive training and even try out its tools free and decide to quit without costing him a dime. Triple Clicks is also a cost-free listing program.

How Much Can I Make With SFI And How Do I Get Paid?

While SFI is free to join, like any other business,to become successful requires some sort of investment in marketing and following up on potential customers. With SFI you can choose to invest money or you can invest time to build your business. The bottom line is you will get out of your business what you put into it. Affiliate generate their earnings mainly in three ways:-
1. Recruiting or Sponsoring SFI Affiliates. You get a share of what your personally sponsored affiliates generate along with a percentage of that affiliates down line circle. For personally sponsored affiliates who makes purchases at Triple Clicks, you earn 45% CV direct commission.
2. Referring Members to Triple Clicks. Affiliates earn income by recommending potential customers to Triple Clicks whereby on can make up to 70% on purchases made by consumers for the lifetime of their registration.
3. Creating Duplication. Affiliates are taught on the way to instruct and motivate their team members to copy their actions in the revenue building strategies.

Besides the above three methods of earning with SFI, there are other supplemental income streams including commissions for referring ECAs(E-Commerce Associates) to Triple Clicks and SFI’s Pay-Per-Action program. SFI is not a quick make money program. However you can create a very good and steady income every month if you work on it. Payment of SFI commissions earned is done through a variety of payment processing methods which include:-Triple Clicks Master card from Payoneer, Mailed Checks, PayPal and direct deposits to ones bank account.The latter however is open only to affiliate with US-based bank accounts. SFI is also considering introducing AlertPay as a payment option.

Is There Any Training Provided To SFI Members?

Yes. SFI assumes no prior knowledge of internet marketing on the part of its affiliates. They have made it easy with very specific step-by-step marketing strategies and aids for referring members and sponsoring new affiliates. SFI also provides a multitude of easy-to-use marketing aids and an extensive training library to teach everything you need to know. With SFI, your business can be up and running in just hours, allowing you to earn while you learn.

Is SFI For Everyone? Is it a Global Opportunity?

Yes, this is a worldwide business opportunity and part of a growing global industry with annual gross revenues estimated at over $ 100 billion, involving major multinational corporations and tens of millions of independent business people in every country of the world.

What Kind Of Products does SFI deal in?

SFI’s exclusive online store, TripleClicks.com offers more than 44,000 products and services in various categories including:  Antiques & Collectibles; Apparel; Arts & Crafts; Books; Business; Computers; Digital Downloads; Education; Electronics; Food & Beverage; Gifts & Flowers; Health & Wellness; Home & Garden; Jewelry; Magazine Subscriptions; Miscellaneous; Movies, Music & Games; Personal Care & Beauty; Pet Care; Phone & Accessories; Real Estate; Romance; SFI; Sports & Outdoors; TCredits; Tools & Automotive; Toys, Kids & Baby; and Travel.
Your SFI affiliateship automatically includes a TripleClicks membership with access to thousands of products, services , sales tools and more.

Do I have to Stock and deliver products?

As an SFI affiliate, your members can order everything from SFI through its exclusive online store, TripleClicks.com. SFI handles all payment processing for your customers, product shipment, customer service, returns, refunds etc–all at no cost to you. You can only stock what you need for your own consumption!

Are There Any Negative Things About SFI?

The only discernible negative thing about SFI that I have noticed is the poor retention rate of its affiliates. A lot of prospects are drawn to the totally free home business opportunity. However they usually do not follow through once they discover that it is their burden to market and promote the SFI affiliate website and merchandise to qualify for any commissions.

What are the main benefits of SFI?

A number of benefits can be mentioned in connection with SFI and its TripleClicks–its core online marketing superstore. These include:-
–Free to join and therefore attractive to everybody.
–A very elaborate and well guided training system.
–A clean,elaborate and generous compensation plan.
–One can start earning income immediately by doing simple free actions.
–Great long term residual income potential.
–No limit as to how much one can earn.
–Get paid in your country’s currency via Payoneer-Master Card.
–Excellent support system with 24-hour consultation services.

In my view SFI is the home based business opportunity of choice particularly for the new and inexperienced entrepreneur wishing to make his debut in the MLM industry. The system highlights how the affiliate marketing programs function and its potential for earning residual as well as leveraged income is enormous.

How do I sign up?

If you are happy with this SFI Review and would like to try it out, you can sign up for the program by visiting the SFI WEBSITE HERE

SFI Review

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Why Blogging Makes A Good Home Based Business Online

There are so many people starting blogs today that it makes you seriously consider if you should join in. A case can be made for why blogging makes such a good home based business on the Internet today.

Here are four things to keep in mind before you start a blog of your own.

1. It is easy to start. You can set up a blog with Blogger.com for free.

You can host your own blog for about $10 and build it with one click using the Fantastico program most hosting companies offer.

2. You can sell affiliate products. These are free to join and there are plenty of them available online. You can make money selling products or just promote advertising. The choice is up to you.

3. Branch out with more blogs. Once you get a system in place you can work at starting new blog. One good strategy is to try to make a little bit of money with each blog and develop a larger number of them.

4. Automate your business. This is a very attractive feature for blogging at home. It gives you the freedom to do other things in your business when your blog can be set up to run on autopilot.

There are many auto blogging programs available on the Internet today. Creating unique content, and mixing it with RSS feeds, is a good way to lighten your own personal workload.

These are a few tips why blogging makes a good home based business online. It’s a smart way to do business on the Internet today.

4 Hot Niche Marketing Ideas

Charles Chege © My Affiliate Power Biz

Coming up with hot niche marketing ideas is not as difficult as you may think. The key is to use the Internet to tell you what is a hot market right now.

Once you are armed with this information you can begin to develop niche websites to make money around these hot markets.

Here are four places you can get information from to determine what niches you should be selling products in.

1. Join NicheADay. They will email you a new niche everyday that is one you can make money in. They even include keyword lists you can build your niche website from.

2. Go to Google Trends. This is Google’s information based on Hot Topics and Hot Searches. You can come up with all kinds of hot niches to make money in based on the largest search engine in the world.

3. ClickBank Marketplace. They offer a free affiliate marketing program you can join. This will give you instant access to thousands of digital information products to promote.

Their marketplace is constantly updated with new products every day. They also tell you what the hot selling products are in each niche so you can focus on selling those.

4. Go to your local bookstore and see what some of the hot selling books are. If you do not live in an area where you have a bookstore just go online to Amazon.com and see what are the top selling books.

These will often provide clues as to niches that you can start right now to take advantage of a current hot market.

Fast Home Based Business Opportunity To Start

Charles Chege © My Affiliate Power Biz

When I look for a fast home based business opportunity to start I like to find those that offer a business in a box. Here are a few reasons this may be perfect for you as well.

1. These opportunities give you a website you can begin promoting right away. The really good ones however allow you to host your own website and choose your own domain name.

This is different then joining a home business in a business model such as affiliate marketing or network marketing. With these opportunities you are using a replicated website which is the same as all the other members have.
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Charles Chege © My Affiliate Power Biz

Do you have a website that you are earning affiliate marketing revenue from? Hopefully you are not just using the replicated site from the affiliate merchant. To increase your affiliate marketing revenue streams you should be adding all of these items to every web page you build.

1. Pay per click ads. Google Adsense is the King of PPC affiliate programs. However there are plenty of other opportunities if you want to look at companies such as 7Search and Bidvertiser.

These are easy to place in strategic locations on every web page. You do not need to sell anything to make money because when someone clicks on one of the ads you earn a commission from the affiliate merchant.

2. Ad cost per action programs to your web pages. These can be simple little forms that require nothing more than an email address and name. You make money on the more of these forms you get filled out.

Again you are not selling anything so this is easy money to make. Joining an affiliate network is a way to get access to multiple companies in one location.

3. Sell physical products.  People are spending billions of dollars online purchasing everything from bottled water to clothes. Chances are you can find a physical product that you can add to virtually any page on your site.

4. Sell digital information products. You can find these a affiliate networks such as ClickBank.

PaySpree is a network that has instant commissioned digital products you can sell. These are great because people will pay for information that answers the questions.

5. Sell residual income products. It is nice to get paid in the future for work that you are doing right now. With these type of products you make the sale and then continue to earn your commissions over and over.
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Charles Chege © My Affiliate Power Biz

Ecommerce is when products are sold on the Internet. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid to sell products for an affiliate merchant. When you combine the two you have one of the best Internet home business opportunities available to the average person.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to purchase things online very quickly. The consumer can also become the seller very quickly when they .
start their own affiliate marketing business
One example would be utilizing Google to sell affiliate products in various ways. However you can also start a website and put Google ads on it and get paid when people click on them. In this instance you’re not actually selling a product, but as an affiliate marketer you are getting paid by Google for advertising on your site.

If you do choose to sell products you can set up a website or you can use the affiliate merchant website. Because the Internet never sleeps you are in business 24 hours a day.

This means you don’t have to quit your current job to be doing ecommerce online around-the-clock. For this reason this makes this opportunity one of the best Internet home businesses to get involved in. Read the rest of this entry

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