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When the subject of online home business opportunities comes up I immediately like to discuss affiliate marketing. There are many benefits to starting a home business on the Internet this way. In this article I’ll give you a few reasons why I think you could benefit as an affiliate marketer.

1. It’s very easy to get started with. Because there are so many affiliate programs you can join for free, and it only takes a couple of minutes to join, you are actually in business for yourself very easily.

2. Earning a profit is easy as well. You don’t have any overhead other than the time it takes to promote your affiliate program if you choose to build your business this way. This allows you to be very profitable which is unusual for many business opportunities.

3. There are various ways to make money through affiliate marketing. You can get paid when people click on ads such as Google Adsense.

You can join a cost per action program and get paid when visitors perform a specific action such as filling out a lead form. You can also sell products both in the form of digital information and physical products.

Residual income is another benefit of affiliate marketing. You can promote products that pay you over and over such as selling a membership to a membership site.

Two-tier affiliate marketing is another way to make money. Recruiting affiliates and earning money on their sales appeals to Internet marketers who like working with people.

4. You don’t have to wait long for your money. Some affiliate programs offer instant commissions. Others pay on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Many affiliate programs pay via PayPal which is the world’s largest payment processor. Others offer direct deposit or will pay you by check.

5. You have no sales quotas as an affiliate marketer. However there are rewards for becoming a super affiliate. The more products you can sell the more the merchant will take notice and many times will offer you an even higher commission rate.

6. You can start your own affiliate program and make money. Many people got rich selling products thru the affiliate marketing merchant model.

Having other people sell for you is like having a mini sales force all over the Internet. This is something that you can set up or go to an affiliate network such as ClickBank and use their affiliates to sell your products.

These are several benefits of affiliate marketing. If you’re looking at online home business opportunities this doesn’t take any experience to get started, and many people already have. My World Plus is a powerful discount  savings and cash back rewards affiliate program. Check it out by taking a free tour at:

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The biggest question that online internet business opportunity seekers have goes something like this “How can I tell if this is a legitimate offer or not?”

So first off, let’s just set you straight on one thing. Yes, you can make a full-time living (and up to much more) working from home at your own business. In order to develop a profitable business, you want to build it around your skills and interests. It can take a lot of time to make a significant amount of money but all you need to get started is a computer with reliable high-speed internet access. There are so many different opportunities online but you only need to master a few to be able to go into business for yourself helping others.

Another type of online internet business opportunity offers legitimate products to sell. But many of the companies that promote these opportunities exaggerate the income potential and understate the amount of time, effort, marketing dollars and skills needed to turn the opportunity into a profit-making business.

So you want to make sure that you investigate a business opportunity thoroughly before making a decision, especially if it requires a large investment. By investigating thoroughly, I mean learn all you can about the type of business and the company selling the opportunity. Do your own research. Do not rely soley on “facts”  or testimonials presented in the company’s sales literature.

Ask yourself some of the following questions and look for the answers:

Who will buy the product or service? Read the rest of this entry