Affiliate Power Group Review

This Affiliate Power Group Review is my assessment of the opportunity that membership provides based on my experiences as a member and an affiliate. If you are considering joining the Affiliate Power group( APG for short) you probably want to find out more about it before signing up. The following is an up to date review of the APG in FAQ format to help you make an informed decision.

What Exactly Is The Affiliate Power Group And What Does It Offer?

The Affiliate Power Group is an online coaching, marketing and training group designed especially for newbies and intermediate internet marketers who want to make an income from affiliate marketing. The APG consists of 4 extremely talented and dedicated mentors/coaches who are successful internet marketers, who have taken it upon themselves to show newcomers how to make money online, in the shortest time possible using cutting edge internet marketing methods. Membership to the APG entitles one to the following:-

– Access to 4 internet marketing coaches in a private member forum
– A learning center full of internet marketing videos and guides
– Help to build a website
– A download area containing hundreds of PLR articles and MRR/PLR e-books on home business niche topics
– A free wordpress installation
– Step by step income plans including a 12 week Traffic Action Plan
– New PLR articles and e-books added every month

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Affiliate Power Group?

The basic price is $1 for a 10 day trial period and then 39.95 per month thereafter. You can also save money by opting for a quarterly price of $109.95 or a yearly price of $297. The yearly price would save you 38%.

What Is Covered In The APG Training And Other Support Systems?

This Power Affiliate Group Review reveals many topics that are covered both in the step by step action plans and in the video training series. These include:-

– Research and planning
– Website creation
– WordPress Training
– Keyword research
– Search engine optimization
– list building
– Article marketing
– Backlink building
– Social marketing
– Outsourcing
– Marketing tools, and many other topics.

One of the greatest support system is the private members forum. The APG forum is like an extended family. Besides the personalized one on one coaching by the mentors. the members interaction with the coaches and among themselves makes it look like a big family affair.

Does The APG Provide An Affiliate Program And How Much Can One Earn As An Affiliate?

YES, the Affiliate Power Group provides an affiliate program which pays 50% recurring commission on all sales. Visitors can sign up for a 10 day trial for $1 and have the choice of being billed monthly, quarterly or yearly. This means that you will be paid 50c for a trial signup, followed by $19.95 per month, $54.98 per quarter or $148.50 per year.

Are there any negatives about the APG?

The membership cost may be considered too high and a negative by newbies who are yet to gain a foothold in the internet marketing arena and establish an income stream. Paying from ones pocket may be a bit strenuous in the beginning.

What Are The Positive Things And Benefits Of The Affiliate Power Group?

There are many positive things that one can enumerate about the APG including:-

– Step by step video instructions on most subjects on affiliate marketing
– The 24-hour coaching forum which is second to none
– The 12-week Traffic Plan that works
– A handful of webmaster tools
– Monthly PLR and MRR articles and e-books on various niche topics
– Periodical contests to assist members buid backlinks and generally improve their marketing skills
– And much more.

My Recommendation

I joined the Affiliate Power Group as a newbie at its inception. In just under two years, I have seen tremendous growth in APG which has in turn facilitated and put me on the right path to internet marketing success. If you you are serious about making money online and interested in finding quality coaching, helping you step by step to reach your goals, then look no further. The APG has it. You have nothing to lose by giving The Affiliate Power Group $1 Trial a go. You can cancel at any time during the 10 day trial period if you do not like what the membership offers.

I hope you have found this Affiliate Power Group Review useful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer. You can also subscribe to my FREE Internet Home Business Opportunities Newsletter at the top right hand corner of this page and obtain more proven home business tips and resources.


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