My World Plus took the Internet marketing world by storm in mid-2009 when the program was launched. I soon joined the program in August 2009 and has remained an affiliate member ever since. Below I provide you with a question and answer of MY World Plus Review to help you make an informed decision if you are considering joining the program.

What Exactly Is My World Plus And What Does It Offer?

My World Plus  is both a business opportunity and a discount membership program, that saves people hundreds of dollars per month on everything from eating out to groceries,shopping,sporting events,movies, golf green fees and more. It is being promoted as the most powerful discount savings and rewards program in the world.
The business opportunity pays instant commissions whenever someone joins My World Plus through your prided link. You also receive a share of the profits based on all the members that joined up after you.

How Much Does It Cost To Join My World Plus?

The cost to join My World Plus is $69.95 for your first month and then $19.95 per month there after. This membership entitles you to all the discounts and the ability to earn commissions on your downline and company sales. The membership does not tie you for any length of time and you can cancel your membership at any time. Other than your marketing costs, I have not encountered any other hidden costs for the period I have been a member.

How Much Can One Earn With My World Plus And How Does One Get Paid?

As a business opportunity, you earn money with My World Plus program in two main ways:-
–You earn a retail bonus of $25 on every one you personally enroll. This is paid on a weekly basis and therefore helps you generate cashflow. My World Plus also pays retail bonuses on on 4 different levels. These bonuses are $8, $5 or $3 depending on the level.
–You earn a monthly residual income based on all members that joined after you. My World Plus offers a unique concept known as Vertical acceleration that helps you get hundreds of paid members below you quickly.

International members (outside USA/Canada) are paid through Global Exchange, while USA and Canadian members are paid via direct bank credit or by check.

Are There Limitations On Membership–Is It A Global Opportunity?

My World Plus business Opportunity is a world-wide opportunity that one can promote and get paid through Global Exchange. However the the discount card usage is very limited for Non-US members. For example I live in Kenya, and the usage of the card is virtually non-existent. If you are joining My World Plus purely for the discounts, my advice would be to register for free first and check out what discounts are available in your area before deciding to become a paid member.

How Is My World Plus Support System Including Any Training Offered?

From the members centre, My World Plus provides you access to a Training Call library. This is the most valuable resource for learning how the system works and how to maximize your results with it.The program also provides you with different lead capture pages where visitors to your link enter their name,email address and phone numbers. They also receive follow up emails automatically which will encourage them to sign up for the program under you.

Are There Any Negatives About My World Plus?

As mentioned above, the lack of discounts for people living outside USA can be a deterrent for one joining for the discounts advantage alone. I have also found out that business leads purchased from My World Plus leads sources have a very low conversion rate.

What Are the Main Positive Things And Benefits Of My World Plus Program?

–A dynamic and generous pay plan
–A wide range of shopping discounts particularly for US citizens
–The fast $25 start cash bonus and weekly payments
–Easy to use back office for members
–Follow up messages with Pre-enrollees
–Weekly training calls and archived training
–A dynamic statistics records system for marketing efforts
–Tell a friend link lets you quickly share with friends
–Professional landing and splash pages
–Convenient international payments through Global Exchange Card.

How Do I Join My World Plus?

To sign up for My World Plus, simply Take A Tour From Here

I hope you found this My World Plus Review helpful. If you have any comments, please share them below. You can also subscribe to my free Internet Home Business Opportunities Newsletter at the top hand right corner of this page and obtain more proven home business tips.

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