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SFI Review is an assessment based on my experiences since I became an active affiliate member over 3 years ago. As a home based business opportunity,SFI is a wonderful opportunity for beginners wishing to explore what affiliate marketing programs are about. If you are thinking of signing up for the program, you may have a few questions. Here is an up to date review of SFI presented in FAQ format to help you make an informed decision.

What Exactly Is SFI?

The Strong Future International Marketing Group, commonly referred to as SFI is a division of Carsons Services Inc. which has its headquarters  in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States. Started in 1998 with just one product sold only in the United States, SFI now features in excess of 44,000 goods and services spread in over 200 countries around the world.
One of SFI’s major divisions is the Triple Clicks,which is a global online superstore and among the quickest developing e-commerce website on the internet today. It showcases  thousands of items, services,collectors jewels and merchandise offered nowhere else on the internet. Hundreds of such items are added daily.

How Much Does It Cost To Join SFI?

Joining SFI is absolutely free. Any one of legal age from any country can sign up, receive training and even try out its tools free and decide to quit without costing him a dime. Triple Clicks is also a cost-free listing program.

How Much Can I Make With SFI And How Do I Get Paid?

While SFI is free to join, like any other business,to become successful requires some sort of investment in marketing and following up on potential customers. With SFI you can choose to invest money or you can invest time to build your business. The bottom line is you will get out of your business what you put into it. Affiliate generate their earnings mainly in three ways:-
1. Recruiting or Sponsoring SFI Affiliates. You get a share of what your personally sponsored affiliates generate along with a percentage of that affiliates down line circle. For personally sponsored affiliates who makes purchases at Triple Clicks, you earn 45% CV direct commission.
2. Referring Members to Triple Clicks. Affiliates earn income by recommending potential customers to Triple Clicks whereby on can make up to 70% on purchases made by consumers for the lifetime of their registration.
3. Creating Duplication. Affiliates are taught on the way to instruct and motivate their team members to copy their actions in the revenue building strategies.

Besides the above three methods of earning with SFI, there are other supplemental income streams including commissions for referring ECAs(E-Commerce Associates) to Triple Clicks and SFI’s Pay-Per-Action program. SFI is not a quick make money program. However you can create a very good and steady income every month if you work on it. Payment of SFI commissions earned is done through a variety of payment processing methods which include:-Triple Clicks Master card from Payoneer, Mailed Checks, PayPal and direct deposits to ones bank account.The latter however is open only to affiliate with US-based bank accounts. SFI is also considering introducing AlertPay as a payment option.

Is There Any Training Provided To SFI Members?

Yes. SFI assumes no prior knowledge of internet marketing on the part of its affiliates. They have made it easy with very specific step-by-step marketing strategies and aids for referring members and sponsoring new affiliates. SFI also provides a multitude of easy-to-use marketing aids and an extensive training library to teach everything you need to know. With SFI, your business can be up and running in just hours, allowing you to earn while you learn.

Is SFI For Everyone? Is it a Global Opportunity?

Yes, this is a worldwide business opportunity and part of a growing global industry with annual gross revenues estimated at over $ 100 billion, involving major multinational corporations and tens of millions of independent business people in every country of the world.

What Kind Of Products does SFI deal in?

SFI’s exclusive online store, TripleClicks.com offers more than 44,000 products and services in various categories including:  Antiques & Collectibles; Apparel; Arts & Crafts; Books; Business; Computers; Digital Downloads; Education; Electronics; Food & Beverage; Gifts & Flowers; Health & Wellness; Home & Garden; Jewelry; Magazine Subscriptions; Miscellaneous; Movies, Music & Games; Personal Care & Beauty; Pet Care; Phone & Accessories; Real Estate; Romance; SFI; Sports & Outdoors; TCredits; Tools & Automotive; Toys, Kids & Baby; and Travel.
Your SFI affiliateship automatically includes a TripleClicks membership with access to thousands of products, services , sales tools and more.

Do I have to Stock and deliver products?

As an SFI affiliate, your members can order everything from SFI through its exclusive online store, TripleClicks.com. SFI handles all payment processing for your customers, product shipment, customer service, returns, refunds etc–all at no cost to you. You can only stock what you need for your own consumption!

Are There Any Negative Things About SFI?

The only discernible negative thing about SFI that I have noticed is the poor retention rate of its affiliates. A lot of prospects are drawn to the totally free home business opportunity. However they usually do not follow through once they discover that it is their burden to market and promote the SFI affiliate website and merchandise to qualify for any commissions.

What are the main benefits of SFI?

A number of benefits can be mentioned in connection with SFI and its TripleClicks–its core online marketing superstore. These include:-
–Free to join and therefore attractive to everybody.
–A very elaborate and well guided training system.
–A clean,elaborate and generous compensation plan.
–One can start earning income immediately by doing simple free actions.
–Great long term residual income potential.
–No limit as to how much one can earn.
–Get paid in your country’s currency via Payoneer-Master Card.
–Excellent support system with 24-hour consultation services.

In my view SFI is the home based business opportunity of choice particularly for the new and inexperienced entrepreneur wishing to make his debut in the MLM industry. The system highlights how the affiliate marketing programs function and its potential for earning residual as well as leveraged income is enormous.

How do I sign up?

If you are happy with this SFI Review and would like to try it out, you can sign up for the program by visiting the SFI WEBSITE HERE

SFI Review

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