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Every business requires certain tools of trade in order to run effectively.Your Small home based business opportunity is no exception. When you have an internet business, the one thing that is very important is internet marketing. These tools of trade are not just necessary to get the job done but also to help you succeed with your internet marketing efforts. In this article we look at the 5 essential online tools that you must have in order to succeed in online marketing.

1. A Website With Your Domain Name.

Any serious network internet marketer must have his own website and domain name.The advantages of these are:-

– You enjoy more control over the presentation of marketing materials and product offerings.
– You have the ability to interact and respond to your visitors.
– You have personal control over the flow of website traffic.
Your own website provides you with the best way to provide your customers with good and relevant information,products they can buy and freebies that you give away.Improvements in the marketing process always leads to bigger and better profits.For the owner of a small home based business owner,the owner of a website all comes down to freedom and control. Your website is the engine that will power all of your internet marketing strategies.

2. An Autoresponder.

This is the second most important tool to have in your internet marketing arsenal. An autoresponder is just a software program, hosted either on your website or on the autoresponder’s service provider’s website. It enables you to capture the contact information of your website visitors so you can keep in touch with them and keep them interested in your products and business. The autoresponder is a really powerful tool that allows you to accomplish one of the most important tasks face by any internet marketer: following up with your prospects. This is one tool that saves you so much money and time.

3. An Online Newsletter.

This is a very important tool which goes hand in hand with your autoresponder because you have to offer your customers something of value in exchange for their contact information. By giving the free e-books, free reports, software and other good quality information, you stand a much better chance of  getting them to part with their information. In addition with the newsletter , you are able to keep in touch with them periodically which helps in building trust with them. This contributes to the growth and success of your small home based business opportunity.

4. Link-Tracking Software.

Link-tracking means keeping tabs on the URLs that you have placed in advertisements, pay-per-click campaigns, emails and articles. Every link to any one of your web pages can and should be tracked because you need to know where the traffic is coming from. You also need to know which ones are dead. This is imperative to getting as much traffic as you can to your small home based business opportunity.

5. Link-Cloaking Software.

Although link-cloaking  is not always a necessity, it is good practice to follow. It involves the manipulation of a URL from its original form into a different URL while still permitting both to lead to the same destination. Link-shortening is a form of link-cloaking that negates the need for subscribers to copy and paste long-tailed URLs. Using Shortened URLs links assists you from loosing commissions just because your affiliate URL is not convenient for your subscribers.

In summary, these are the 5 most important online tools of trade that you need in order to find success with you small home based business opportunity. The five are the interface behind the majority of communication that will take place between you and your customers. They are the technical components of your sales funnel.

There are various resources online that can assist in planning and developing your home business. My favourite and which I recommend is the Affiliate Power Group. Visit their website today and check on the wide selection of resources and marketing solutions. You may also check out from my blog post  the attributes of  a successful affiliate internet marketing business .

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