If you are a home based business owner you know how important it is to have as many customers as you possibly can. The only way to run a profitable business is to have customers.

The best way to promote your home business today is to use the Internet. As equally as important as customers is you must have visitors to your website before you can actually sell anything.

So how do you go about getting website visitors?

1. Paid advertising.

2. Free advertising.

The fastest form of paid advertising is to set up a pay per click advertising campaign using Google Adwords.  Once you have your campaign in place you can be on page 1 of numerous targeted keyword phrases right away.

There are other ppc search engines you can advertise on as well. PayPerClickSearchEngines.com has a very comprehensive list of these.

Free advertising takes longer to see results from, but it is less expensive. For example, article marketing is an excellent long-term strategy for getting traffic.

When you write and submit an article it can bring traffic from the readers of the article. It can also lead to backlinks which can arrange your website high on the search engines and be a great form of traffic in the future.

Certainly blogging, video marketing, forum posting, blogs comments, and so on, are all equally effective when it comes to free advertising. These just take a constant effort on the Internet marketers part.

The plus side to paid advertising as it does not take as much of your time. The main benefit of free advertising is you choose to invest your time instead of money to promote your home based business.

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